Introduction of head office

Introduction of head office

Head Office


Welcome Hall

Visitors’ welcome area.
With reception desk and reception space.
Each reception booth has been given the name of an inventor, great man, or genius, such as Archimedes, Bell, Curie, Da Vinci, or Edison.


Thinction Center

The office floor related to sales,
general affairs, and accounting.
“Thinktion” is a compound word of “think” and “action.”
Each company PC is connected to the employee’s network to ensure easier and faster communication and processing between departments and all our domestic branches.


Creative Room

The office floor related to research and development.
Each employee is provided with a CAD (2D and 3D) system terminal.
The Creative Room space includes a project room called Newton Thinking Room.


Battle Room

We named our conference room the “Battle Room”, where employees can battle out ideas.


Plus Room

The room where employees can exchange win-win proposals.


Alpha Room (α Room)

Guess what this room is. It has appeared in a TV quiz show in the past.
The answer is a restroom. This name was given to the place where employees increase their production of alpha waves (brain waves).


Wellness Hall

The Wellness Hall is used for dinning, training room, reading, and relaxation.
The name Wellness Hall was given as a place to build health and culture.