User-friendly models, ranging from the Super-mini type to
Deluxe Power type, powerfully assist you in variety of jobs.

Cargo Work Machine for Farm tractors


Cargo Work Machine for Farm tractors

Lineup of Front Loader Models


Super-Mini Loader SCLD Series for Compact Tractors up to 30hp

Power to rival some full size loaders.
Oval lift arms provide outstanding shock and torsion protection.
Compact and light weight design ensures superior maneuverability and user friendliness.

CLD・SCLD Series >


Mid-Size Loaders for 20 to 60hp Tractors

Hydraulic Leveling and Float Action Systems.
Easy Docking and One Action Coupling System.
Your choice of Manual (Wire) or Automatic (Electronic) Control

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Full-Size Loaders for 60+hp Tractors

Designed to suit the individual needs of our customers our full size loaders are “Made to Order”. Whatever your requirements we can work with you to design and build the perfect loader to match your needs.With your choice of features like:
Manual (Wire) or Automatic (Electronic) Control
Hydraulic Leveling
Built in Accumulators
Power Boost Cylinder
Easy Docking and One Action Coupling System
Full Color Control Monitor and more!

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Loader Attachments

Versatile Tip Attachments.
Quick Attach/ Release System
Select according to your application, such as the scooping and transportation of earth and sand, snow removal, grass collection, or transportation of containers.

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Applications of Front Loader


Upland Farming

  • 1.Transportation of large-sized containers of beets, potatoes, and onions.
  • 2.Harvesting and transportation of heavyweight vegetables, such as squash, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, and Japanese radishes.
  • 3.Harvesting and transportation of konjac potatoes.
  • 4.Harvesting and transportation of sugarcane.
  • 5.Transportation and spraying of compost to farm fields.
  • 6.Transportation of wood pieces for growing shiitake mushrooms.
  • 7.Processing of residual tobacco plants and transportation of leaves.
  • 8.Loading and discharging of crops to and from trucks at the time of shipment.
  • 9.Injection of fertilizer to lime sowers.
  • 11.Loading of compost onto compost spraying machines.
  • Discharging of rush grass.
  • 13.Collection of potato vines.
  • 14.Collection, transportation, and loading of pumice soil.
  • 15.Dike flattening after harvest.
  • 16.Transportation of pillars for drying Japanese radishes.
  • 17.Land digging for soil improvement.
  • 18.Spraying of agricultural chemicals from a height.
  • 19.Lifting of wood pieces for growing shiitake mushrooms at the time of chemical dipping.
  • 20.Lifting of tobacco leaves to driers.
  • 21.Removal, collection, and transportation of stones from farm fields.
  • 22.Processing of residual eggplant vines.
  • 23.Lifting of flexible containers of carrots.
  • 24.Collection work of kudzu potatoes.
  • 25.Transportation of cropped soybeans from farm fields.
  • 26.Repression of farm fields.

Front Loader-1

Transportation of cropped vegetables
(in buckets)

Front Loader-2

Lifting of flexible containers
(on high hooks)

Stock Raising

  • 1.Loading, transportation, and spraying of compost.
  • 2.Compost agitation.
  • 3.Taking out and transportation of silage from bunker silos.
  • 4.Collection and transportation of pasture grass.
  • 5.Loading of pasture grass rolls onto trucks for transportation.
  • 6.Stack storage of pasture grass rolls.
  • 7.Heaping of rolled silage on wrapping machines.
  • 8.Building of bunker silos.
  • 9.Collection of feces and urine from barns and henhouses and barn and henhouse cleaning.
  • 10.Feeding at dairy farms.
  • 11.Injection of rolls to mixing machines.
  • 12.Roll rewinding and spreading for the re-drying of rolls.
  • 13.Hedge bucket work on corn harvesters.
  • 14.Loading of hay cubes to the second floors.
  • 15.Loading of cows and hogs to trucks.
  • 16.Transportation of wrapping film for disposal.
  • 17.Heaping of old tires used for weights on the bags in bunker silos.
  • 18.Piling and installation of pasture barriers.
  • 19.Standing of shitless cows.
  • 20.Digging for retired cows and chickens.

Stock Raising-1

Transportation of pasture grass rolls
(with roll globs)Image

Stock Raising-2

Transportation of rapping rolls of
pasture grass(with roll gloves)

Paddy Field Work

  • 1.Movement of soil and leveling of paddy fields.
  • 2.Collection, loading, and transportation of soil for seedling raising.
  • 3.Leveling of seedling raising beds.
  • 4.Transportation of seedling raising boxes.
  • 5.Digging and backfilling of drains (open ditches).
  • 6.Collection and stacking of straw.
  • 7.Loading and discharging of rice.
  • 8.Loading and discharging of fertilizer.
  • 9.Digging and backfilling of fertilization trenches.
  • 10.Hardening of paddy field dikes.
  • 11.Breaking of paddy field dikes.
  • 12.Transfer of soil to vegetable fields as a result of crop changeover.
  • 13.Spraying of compost.
  • 14.Transportation of rice bran after rice cleaning.
  • 15.Transportation of chaff.

Pallet forklift-1

Transportation of packed straw
(with a pallet forklift)

Pallet forklift-2

Collection of straw
(with a miniature forklift)

Fruit Raising and Gardening

  • 1.Digging for the transplanting of fruit seedlings.
  • 2.Collection and transportation of pruning branches.
  • 3.Lifting and transportation of garden stones.
  • 4.Digging of orchards for fertilizations.
  • 5.Digging, collection, and loading, and discharging of flowers and garden trees.
  • 6.Transportation of materials for assemblies, such as pillars.
  • 7.Collection of soil into greenhouses and transportation and spraying of compost.
  • 8.Use as a simple crane for tools and equipment at the time of greenhouse assembly.
  • 9.Stump pulling of fruit trees.
  • 10.Digging of strawberry seedlings.
  • 11.Soil filling of strawberry pots.
  • 12.Collection of melon and watermelon vines.
  • 13.Used for a work tool bench at the time of fruit cropping.
  • 14.Loading and transportation of saw dust and chaff.
  • 15.Transportation of grass.
  • 16.Lifting of work tools at the time of garden tree pruning.

fork bucket

Spraying of compost in greenhouses
(with a fork bucket).

Snow Removal/h3>

  • 1.Snow removal from private, community, and farm roads.
  • 2.Snow removal from the parking lots of facilities, such as supermarkets, stores, convenience stores, and gas stations.
  • 3.Snow removal around mansions.
  • 4.Shaving and removal of hard-trodden snow.
  • 5.Removal of snow dropped from roofs and hardened.
  • 6.Removal of ice from frozen road surfaces.
  • 7.Snow disposal over guardrails.
  • 8.Snow removal under the lifts of skiing areas.
  • 9.Loading of snow to dump trucks.
  • 10.njection of snow into snow melting machines.


Snow removal (with bucket)

Light Civil Engineering

  • 1.Leveling work as infrastructural improvement.
  • 2.Transportation of stones as infrastructural improvement.
  • 3.Intermountain road construction and restoration.
  • 4.Transportation of mowed grass.
  • 5.Transportation and embedding of U-shaped and clay pipes.
  • 6.Digging and transportation of additional soil.
  • 7.Stacking of sandbags at the time of flooding.
  • 8.Replacement of the sand in sandboxes.
  • 9.Garbage collection in the sands, such as beaches.
  • 10.Sludge collection and transportation in rivers or trenches.
  • 11.Trench digging.
  • 12.Maintenance of stadiums and parks.
  • 13.Loading and transportation of earth and sand, ballast, blocks, and wood.
  • 14.Spraying of joint soil on golf courses.
  • 15.Transportation of bunker sand to golf courses and bunker leveling.
  • 16.Stake drawing-out work.
  • 17.Striking of pillars for protection against winds.
  • 18.Hole digging of stakes and poles.
  • 19.Lifting of owned machines, such as a work machine and dynamo.
  • 20.Extension of barbed wire.
  • 21.Used as a floodlight with a light attached to the front end of the arms.
  • 22.Lifting and transportation of rental boats from ponds.
  • 23.Skating rink making.
  • 24.Wall coating with the back of the bucket.
  • 25.Demolition of concrete block walls.
  • 26.Restoration after the occurrence of disaster.

Loading hook

Transport of sediment
(with a Pallet fork)

fork bucket-2

Elimination of earth and sand
(with a fork bucket).

Other Agricultural Work

  • 1Transportation of agricultural materials.
  • 2.Used as a weight for heavyweight work machines connected to the rear side.
  • 3.Rescue of machines stuck in farm fields.
  • 4.Used as a lift for the storage and extraction of materials and crops on the second floors of barns.
  • 5.Injection of gravel and sand to shrimp farms.
  • 6.Use as an escape tool in place of a jack to rescue the user trapped in mud.
  • 7.Transportation of oyster husks.
  • 8.Used as auxiliary apparatus for shade and rain cover sheets.
  • 9.Transportation of wood from the mountains.
  • 10.Extraction of thinned wood.
  • 11.Transportation of tatami mats.
  • 12.Transportation of materials for athletic meets and land maintenance work, such as field leveling.
  • 13.Transportation of materials and preparation for fairs.
  • 14.Embedding of materials after processing.
  • 15.Transportation of gravestones.
  • 16.Used for height work.

Front Loader-mud

The Front Loader has pushdown force,
thus working in place of a jack to
escape from mud.

Maintenance Check Procedure


List of Loader Maintenance Checks

At the time of inspection, locate the loader tractor in a flat place and ground (or disconnect) the loader, stop the engine, and apply the handbrake.
In order to use the loader and tractor safely for a long time, make daily and regular inspections according to the following table.

nspection item Remedy Inspection time

Loosening of each bolt and nut (visual inspection)

・Make a visual inspection and tighten each of them (if the spring lock washer is rising from the attaching portion.

・If the loosening of bolts and nuts occurs frequently, replace the bolts, nuts, and spring lock washers.

Daily inspection (Before using the loader)

Check on the grease and oil on each pin and rotation part.

・Perform lubrication and oil supply. Add pins, if missing.

Check on the quality of operating oil.

・Supply additional oil to a proper level. Exchange the oil if the existing oil is dirty.

Check on the unusual bending or twisting of the hose.

・Loosen the metal fittings on both ends of the hose, and retighten the fittings after restoring the hose position so that there will be no bending or twisting.
・Exchange the hose every two years.

Crack on the surface of the hose.

・If there is a crack, exchange the hose immediately.

Check on other damaged parts, if any.

・If there are any broken parts, repair or replace the parts.

Attachment of a rear wheel weight.

・Be sure to mount the loader at the time of work.

Oil leakage from the hose or hydraulic parts.

・Replace or increase the packing.

The wear and tear of each pin and bushing.

・Exchange the pin if the wear and tear of the outer diameter of the pin exceeds 2 mm.

Every 50 operating hours

Loosening of each bolt and nut.

・Tighten the loosened bolts and nuts.
・If the loosening of bolts and nuts occurs frequently, replace the bolts, nuts, and spring lock washers.

・After the loader is assembled. After 5 hour’s use.
・Every 50 hours’ use after that.

For details, contact your Sanyo Kiki dealer, the Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA), or us.

Demonstration (Video)


Demonstration of grass mower.

The following demonstration videos (in WMV format) are available.

Contents of Videos in WMV format

Various loader jobs (video)

in WMV format(4.1MB)

Snow removal (video)

in WMV format(3.4MB)