SCLD-series Super-mini Loade
SCLD-series Super-mini Loade


Points of Improved Performance

  • 1.Offers improved specifications. Compared with conventional Mini Loader models, the SLCD-series Super-mini Loader has higher lifting power with an improved lifting height, dumping reach, and dumping clearance,the performance (power) of which is close to that of full-fledged loaders.(The level of improved specifications varies with each model.)
  • 2.Realizes work performance almost the same in level attained by full-fledged loaderss for a wide range of applications including snow removal and field leveling.
  • 3.Provided with oval lift arms. 。The SLCD-series Super-mini Loader resists shock and torsion, and prevents the tractor as well as the loader during powerful work.
  • 4.Incorporates a deluxe bucket that plays two roles (with or without forks by attaching or detaching the blade), thus providing convenience to the user.
  • 5.Incorporates a single removable valve lever, thus realizing ease of getting on and off the loader (provided with safety frame specifications).

Deluxe bucket

SCLD(Production model)

CLD(Order type)


Workability and Operability

  1. Offers ease of operation. The SLCD-series Super-mini Loader incorporates a single lever that ensures ease of work with no operation errors for a wide range of users including women and elderly people.
  2. Incorporates a design attaching importance to workability with top priority given to the work field of view.
  3. Well-balanced with the tractor for improved workability.
  4. Provides a wide front field of view with no side frame, thus ensuring ease of maintenance.
  5. Lightweight and compact, and has a small turning circle thus ensuring ease of work in greenhouses.
  6. Ensures ease of snow removal even if the snow is highly wet (unlike snowplows, the loader is not clogged with snow).
  7. Realizes operability almost the same in level attained by full-fledged loaders.
  8. No parallel link is used, which makes the loader lightweight with a good front field of view.
  9. Ensures ease of mounting and dismounting the attachment of hook type.
  10. Provides a dumping angle sufficient for soil puddling on the rear side.
  11. Incorporates a sturdy bucket with no dropping, thus enabling uniformed digging.
  12. The bucket has no dropping preventive plates inside, thus preventing mud adhesion.
  13. Ease of loader mounting and dismounting by one person with no tools required. (An optional docking kit is available).

(Removable type) with single lever attached.

Optional docking kit (circled)

Reinforced performance.



  1. Adopted as genuine loaders by tractor makers to pull out the performance of the tractors sufficiently.
  2. The guarantee range of the tractor makers’ genuine loaders includes the tractors, thus ensuring the user’s work free from anxiety.
  3. Quick support to the tractor makers’ genuine loaders in case of trouble.
  4. Produced in the manufacturer’s factory with ISO9001 certification, which ensures high processing accuracy and stable quality.
  5. Set up with no additional on-site processing.


  1. Designed with ease of tractor maintenance considered.
  2. Loader maintenance is performed by Sanyo Kiki dealers and the Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA).
  3. The manufacturer’s office is located in each district, which ensures ease of quick maintenance.
  4. The Mini Loader has a long life with few articles of consumption.
  5. Rarely fails to operate, thus saving the cost of maintenance.
  6. Spare parts can be supplied for approximately 15 years after the stoppage of tractor production.
  7. A list of parts is well maintained, which facilitates the supply of parts promptly.
  8. Each part can be replaced because no mono-block assemblies are used.
  9. The management of maintenance records including servicing to the cylinder components that have engraved markings ensures the supply of exact parts.
  10. An ineligible list of parts and assembly procedure sheet are available.
  11. The rotating block incorporates a grease nipple, thus making it possible to inject grease with ease.


  1. The loader in pursuit of safety is provided with consideration of the weight balance between the tractor and loader.
  2. A sturdy safety design endorsed by sufficient strength tests from the development stage of the tractor.
  3. A shock absorbing design enabling the loader to protect the tractor from shock.
  4. A reliable design satisfying in-house tests and makers’ test standards.
  5. Long-year know-how ensures the user’s work free from anxiety.
  6. All detachable parts are assembled before shipping with the tightening torque of each part controlled to ensure reliability.
  7. Provided with a hydraulic shock absorber.
  8. Incorporates special washers that prevent bolts from loosening.


  1. Affordable price.
  2. The hose is arranged neatly in order not to obstruct the user’s work.
  3. Best matching to the design of the tractor.
  4. Solid welding with a fine appearance.
  5. The body including the cylinder components is finished with baking paint, which ensures corrosion resistance and provides good commodity value with a glossy outlook.
  6. Incorporates integral parts, such as a lever fulcrum and valves, specially processed, thus resisting corrosion.
  7. Makes it possible to utilize hydraulic pressure of the loader for other work machines that require hydraulic pressure (provided that optional parts are used).
  8. Provided with components classified into small bags, which ensures ease of assembly.
  9. Shipped with integral parts assembled, which makes it possible to start the machine promptly.