Ensures ease of mowing flat areas
and slopes from tractors.

Arm-type Grass Mowre for Tractors
ZM-series Twin Mower


Specification Table

Model ZM-3708 ZM-3709 ZM-45
Applicable tractor (kW) 20.6 to 36.7
(28 to ps)
25.7 to 36.7
(35 to 50ps)
36.8 to 66.2
(50 to ps)
Mass (weight) 340kg 370kg 379kg
(Including arm, mower, and tractor-mounted parts)
Applicable category 1,2type
Applicable auto hitch S and L hitches of Japan Farm Machinery Manufacturer’s Association S and L hitches of Japan Farm Machinery Manufacturer’s Association
Maximum reach(mm) 3,600(4,100)※1 3,700(4,200)※2 4,500
Mower Mass (weight) 54kg 75kg 90kg
Mower structure 2-side mowing and flat mowing Dedicated to flat mowing Dedicated to flat mowing
Blade type Bar knife
Mowing width(mm) 800
Mowing height(mm) 3 heights (30, 55, and 80)
Mower rotation(rpm) 2,700 2,300 2,360
Mowing area (m²) per hour (Tractor speed km/h) 680 to 1,700 (1 to 2.5 km/h) 760 to 2,700 (1 to 3.5 km/h) 760 to 3,800 (1 to 5 km/h)
  • ※1Depending the tractor’s model, 4,100 mm maximum reach can be selected.
  • ※2Depending the tractor’s model, 4,200 mm maximum reach can be selected.


Work reach (Horizontal max. reach on the right-hand side): 4.5 to 3.6 m

  1. The ZM-45, ZM-3709, and ZM-3708 have maximum work reaches of 4.5, 3.7, and 3.6 m, respectively.
  2. Long-arm-type models make it possible to mow areas that are not reached by conventional models, difficult-to-work slopes over guardrails, slopes over irrigation canals, and comparatively long slopes.
  3. Applicable to large-sized tractors.
    Work reaches can be selected for the BM37 according to the tractor model
    (with a change in second cylinder assembly.)
    ZM-3709: 4.2 m
    ZM-3708: 4.1 m



[ZM-45 and ZM-3709] Rotary Mowers dedicated to flat area mowing.

  1. Adopts a rotary mower dedicated to flat area mowing.
  2. Four blades in total are provided to the upper and lower tiers, which powerfully cut long grass finely with improved performance a step higher than that of conventional models.


Rotary Mower


Blades: Four blades on upper and lower tiers[ZM-45,ZM-3709]

[ZM-3708] Folding Two-side Rotary Mower

  1. Adopts a hydraulic-driven two-side rotary mower.
    Possible to mow the upper and slope sides of road shoulders and dikes.
  2. Four blades in total are provided to the upper and lower tiers, which powerfully cut long grass finely with improved performance a step higher than that of conventional models.
  3. The mowing width is 800 mm in the case of mowing flat areas.


Folding two-side mowing
Rotary Mower [ZM-3708]

ZM3708 絵図

Two-side simultaneous dike mowing

Adopts twin hydraulic motors

[ZM-45 and ZM-3709]

  1. ・Equipped with two high-torque hydraulic motors for improved mowing performance.

Speedy work at 1 to 5 km/h

  1. ZM-45: A mowing rate of 3,800 m² per hour at a speed of 5 km/h.
  2. ZM-3709: A mowing rate of 2,700 m² per hour at a speed of 3.5 km/h.
  3. ZM-3908: A mowing rate of 1,700 m² per hour at a speed of 2.5 km/h.

Ensures ease of mowing flat areas and slopes from tractors

  1. Mowing road shoulders and slopes.
  2. Mowing paddy fields, dikes, slopes of waterways, orchards, and fallow fields.
  3. Mowing factory sites, orchards, gold courses, health resorts, and common housing areas.

Ease of work in four work positions


  1. The mower can be set on four positions, i.e., the right-hand side, rear right-hand side, backside, and rear left-hand side of the driver’s seat, which allows a wide variety of work, such as grass mowing and transfer and the removal of the mower.
  2. If the arm is set on the driver’s seat, the mowing part will be just beside the driver’s seat, which makes it easy to check the operation and obstacles from the driver’s seat and ensures comfortable long operating hours. Moreover, the right-hand rear position allows work with the maximum reach.

Four work positions

Four work positions

A one-lever joystick


  1. The arm can be flexibly operated at the flip of the one-lever joystick, which ensures tireless work for long hours.
  2. Incorporates a magnet-type controller that can be located in desired ease-to-operate positions.


One-lever joystick

Adoption of floating link


  1. Equipped with a floating link between the mower and arm.
  2. The mower is in floating control according to the undulation of the ground, thus realizing comfortable work without mower angle or height adjustments.
  3. Realizes high-precision mowing with the mowing height of grass stabilized.


Floating link

Incorporates an exclusive flow control valve.

  • Incorporates an electromagnetic valve provided with a flow control valve developed exclusively for the BM series, thus maintaining the rpm of the mower constant and ensuring stable mowing.

Ease of mounting to three-point link

  • Mounted to the three-point link of a tractor as well (provided that a hitch frame is used).
  • The auto hitches (S and L hitches) of the Japan Farm Machinery Manufacturer’s Association ensures easier mounting and dismounting.
  • Provided with a stand with a castor thus ensuring ease of moving the separating block.
  • Provided with hydraulic extraction parts.


Separated state

Allows mounting together with a docking loader.

  • Provided with a three-point link, thus making ease of mowing possible with a docking loader and front work machine connected.

Ease of mounting to tractors.

  • Easy to make preparations with the mower connected with the three-point link and the hydraulic extraction parts assembled.
  • Adopts an electromagnetic system, thus ensuring ease of mounting to cabin tractors.

Increases the operating rate of your tractor

  • Mounted to your tractor with ease, thus increasing the operating rate of the tractor.

Safety Precautions

  • Read the operation manual carefully and be sure you understand the information provided before attempting to operate the product.
  • Do not use the product for applications that may cause you to topple down or fall.
  • Do not stand on the front, back, left-hand side, or right-hand side of the mower.
  • Be sure to wear a helmet and eye shield, and to keep the safety of operation in mind at the time of work.
  • The Road Trucking Vehicle Law prohibits tractors mounted with the Twin Mower to run on public roads.
  • Keep the machine well maintained.