Tree-point Link, Tractor Mounting Type

Mounted to Farm Tractors


Specification Table

External dimension L x W x H 1,600 x 1,150 x 1,800 mm
Mass (Weight) 480 kg
Crushing device Drive method Tractor PTO output (750 rpm max.)
Crushing blade Chipper blades (2 blades) and shredder blades (12 blades)※1
Max. processing diameter 172 mm
Hopper caliber 650 x 550 mm
Feed roller caliber 172 x 195 mm
Feed speed 0 to 25 m/min: Variable
Discharge device Type Air conveyance type
Chute outlet height 1,800 mm
Chute rotation range 360°: Rotates in all directions
Discharge angle Variable type
Tractor specification Applicable tractor HP 18.4 to 44.1 kW (25 to 60 ps)
Tractor PTO output rpm 750 rpm (max.)
Mountable category JIS (I and II types)
Mounting method Standard direct 3P mounting
Others Drive shaft with one-way clutch
Large-sized sponge tires

※1 The shredder blades are options.




Workability and Operability

  1. Crushed tree branches, such as thinned wood pieces, are cut into small chips with the chipper blades at the primary stage and further cut into fine pieces with the optional shredder blades, if employed, at the secondary stage.
  2. Incorporates a maximum processing diameter of 172 mm, which is the greatest of this class.
  3. The two crushing stages output fine chips in uniformed size with a reduction of capacity to approximately 1/7.
  4. The feed speed of crushed pieces is finely adjusted between 0 and 25 m per minute with the feed adjustment dial. The size range of crushed chips is selectable up to approximately 10 mm from a powdered state.
  5. Incorporates an automatic control mechanism to feed crushed pieces. The feed roller will come to a stop automatically when the rpm of the engine drops with the engine overloaded, and when the rpm returns to normal, the feed roller will rotate again automatically, which ensures highly efficient work.
  6. The feed roller can be rotated in the forward direction and reverse direction and stopped at the flip of the feed lever.
  7. Uses the power take-off (PTO) drive of your farm tractor, thus ensuring ease of use.
  8. Incorporates a large hopper where tree branches can be input with ease.
  9. The chute with adjustable discharge angles rotates 360 degrees, thus making it possible to discharge chips to yards and load them onto trucks with ease.


Hopper that processes pieces with a maximum diameter of 172 mm and feed roller (blades)


  1. The high quality, high performance, and low price of the product are attained by high-performance hydraulic technology developed in house along with electronic control technology.
  2. The chipper blades and shredder blades are highly durable. The chipper blades are of made of highly durable special steel of double-sided construction and the shredder blades use durable steel of four-sided replaceable edges.
  3. Baked electrostatic coating applied to the body suppresses corrosion and provides preeminent resistance to weather.
  4. Uses switches of noncontact type with excellent waterproof performance, which rarely fail to operate.


Specially designed chipper blades and bed blades.


  1. The hopper can be opened largely in a single direction, thus making it easy to replace or conduct the daily maintenance of the chipper bed blades.
  2. The rotor cover can be opened and closed, which ensures ease of chipper blade replacement and maintenance.
  3. Rarely fails to operate, thus saving the cost of maintenance.
  4. The manufacturer’s office is located in each district, which ensures ease of quick maintenance.
  5. The grease nipple of the rotating part is installed at an angle that allows ease of grease supply, which ensures ease of maintenance.
  6. Uses hydraulic devices developed in house, thus ensuring ease of maintenance.


Dedicated valve developed in house


  1. Safely designed with an emergency stop button installed in a place where you can quickly press the button, thus ensuring safe work.
  2. The feed roller blades securely hold and automatically feed crushed pieces, which does not require your effort to push them in.
  3. Incorporates a safety design that reduces the rebounding of crushed pieces from the hopper.


Equipped with an emergency stop switch that ensures safe operation.


  1. The weight-balance design of the rotor as the core part of the product has high inertia force with preeminent durability.
  2. Produces uniformly fine-sized chips, thus promoting composting.
  3. Equipped with a 22-HP high-performance diesel engine that is clean and environment-friendly.
  4. Inexpensive and high cost performance compared with other companies’ products of this class.
  5. Weighs 345 kg and can be loaded onto light trucks with ease.
  6. Incorporates a chute to fly chips, thus mitigating loading labor.
  7. Low vibration and low noise.
  8. Loaded to light trucks for speedy movement to narrow places.
  9. Crushes residual plants, such as thinned wood, besides pruned branches, bamboo, paper, corrugated paper, potato vines, and tobacco plants.
  10. Possible to save expenses for industrial waste disposal by the capacity reduction of the waste delivered to industrial waste processing contractors.
  11. Weeds can be processed by putting them into the hopper together with twigs.
  12. Ensures safe loading onto and discharging from trucks with a sling and hook.
  13. Crushes pruned branches to reduce the capacity, thus making it possible to reduce the cost of transportation to disposal plants.


Rotor with good balance


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