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Pneumatic lifter


Specification Table

Item Agetaro Agejiro
Model name AGE415-09 AGE56-12 HAL415-09
Lifting load limit (kgf) 150 150(50) 300
Lifting height (min.) mm 930 1230 930
Lifting height (max.) mm 4150 5600 4150
Product weight/Gross weight (kgf) 27.5/30.5 32/36 59/65
Max. operating pressure 0.97MPa(9.9kgf/cm²)
  • Note: As shown by the asterisk, the lifting load limit of the AGE56-12 at a minimum height of 3.8 m is 50 kgf.
  • Use a compressor or carbonic acid gas cylinder for power supply.

Power Source Specification Table

Model Liquefied carbon dioxide cylinder Compressor
PA-400B TM302A
Output 0.4KW(0.5ps) 0.75KW(0.5ps)
Maximum pressure 0.97MPa(9.9kgf/cm²) 0.88MPa(9.0kgf/cm²) 0.78MPa(8.0kgf/cm²)
Discharge air flow rate 150 l/min 43 l/min 120 l/min
Tank capacity 7 kgf (full tank) 5 l 10 l
Width x depth x
430mm×430mm×265mm 370mm*375mm*635mm
Weight About 17 kgf (full tank) 19kgf 22.6kgf
Power supply Single-phase 100 V Single-phase 100 V



The Agetaro plays an active part in the following applications.

Installation of air-conditioning ducts Installation of ceiling air conditioners Electrical wiring
Plumbing of gas and water piping Unloading of construction materials Attachment of lights
Auxiliary work on display ornaments Installation of X-ray cameras and radars Installation of displays and signs
Installation of glass Installation of shutters Installation of antennas

Merits of Pneumatic Lifter

  1. Low price.
  2. Lightweight, compact, and easy to carry.
  3. Incorporates a relief valve for comfortable work.
  4. No running cost (with a compressor used).
  5. Reduction of make-ready time on site.
  6. Ease of maintenance.


Used with ease and highly effectively at high positions including wall sides.

Incorporates a control grip that enables the operation of the lifter while checking the discharge and stop positions of the lifter, thus ensuring high-precision work.


Provided with casters for ease of movement during work.

The legs can be folded without unloading the bottle from the lifter.
Ease of movement in narrow places and factories.


Folded at the flip of a switch and stored in any place.

The lifting force (150 kgf) is 5 times as high as the own weight.


Component parts

  1. Cylinder
  2. Cylinder clamp
  3. Atmospheric pressure regulator
  4. Hose with control grip
  5. Wooden loading platform
  6. Pipe

(* AGE56-12)



Optional parts for each site are available. For details, contact your Sanyo Kiki representative.

Safety Precautions

  • Read the operation manual carefully and be sure you understand the information provided before attempting to operate the product.
  • Do not stand on the pneumatic lifter.
  • Refrain from using CO2 gas cylinders as much as possible for the protection of the global environment.
  • Be sure to maintain the machine sufficiently.
  • The pneumatic lifter is provided with product-liability insurance.