Lightweight and compact and
easy to operate

Pneumatic Lifter Wire Lifter
Agetaro Jr.


Specification Table

Name Agetaro Junior
Model name SWL27-09
Lifting load limit 70kgf(686N)
Handle control force Approx. 6 kgf (59N) with 70-kgf load
Handle RPM Approx. 40 RPM (from minimum shrink length to maximum extension length)
Minimum shrink length 900mm
Maximum extension length 2725mm
Weight 18.6 kgf (excluding top plate and handle)
22.8 kgf (gross weight)
Top plate size 400 x 600 x t12


Lightweight and Compact Design

  1. The wire lifter has a lightweight and compact body that weighs 18.6 kg (weight excluding the top plate and handle).
    Ease of handling in narrow places, such as the verandas of condominiums, which facilitates the efficient installation of equipment, such as air conditioners.
  2. The legs can be folded at the flip of a switch.
  3. Lightweight and compact and loaded onto vans with ease, thus ensuring ease of mobility.


Small, yet Powerful

  1. Lightweight and compact, yet powerful with a lifting load limit of 70 kgf (686N) and a maximum lifting height of 2,725 mm.
  2. Demonstrating power to the installation of equipment, such as air conditioners.


Low-cost Manual Type with Ease of Use

  1. The lifter is moved upward and downward manually with the handle.
  2. Economical with no external power required.
  3. All the cylinders extends or shrinks at the same time in a wire connection method, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the handle to move the loading platform upward and downward speedily.

Operation Handle with Brake to Ensure Safe Work

  1. The operation handle is provided with a brake. Therefore, the loading platform will be locked automatically when the hands are off the handle.

Provided with Casters for Ease of Movement

  1. Provided with casters, which ensures ease of movement in narrow places, such as the verandas of condominiums.

Safety Precautions

  • Read the operation manual carefully and be sure you understand the information provided before attempting to operate the product.
  • Do not ride on the wire lifter.
  • Be sure to wear a helmet and safety shoes at the time of assembling the lifter or working with lifter.
  • Be sure to make a commencement-of-work check in order to prevent malfunctions and accidents.